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    Set your online business free
    Stunning Website Design
    Your online presence has never been more important than it is today
    You just cannot leave the design of your business website to chance
    Choosing the right website designer is a very important decision
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    Is Your Website Responsive?
    100% Fully Responsive on EVERY Device?
    If your customers cannot view your website on their laptop, tablet and smart-phone
    They may just walk away and visit the website of your competitors...
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    Give your website extra flair
    Make your corporate website interactive and engaging
    Allowing your visitors to interact with your website gives
    them a reason to stay and a reason to come back
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A well designed website should almost go unnoticed, providing your visitors with all of the information they want about your online business together with a modern design and the latest proven technology.
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With over 14 years experience in designing and building websites, we're happy to offer help and advice to businesses of every size regarding their websites, website hosting, domain names and email systems.
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Looking after your website is absolutely essential to make sure that it grows as your business grows. You must invest time, effort and money to make sure your website is always looked after.
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Take a look at some of our recent website designs

Here are just a few examples of some of our most recent website design work.
View our entire portfolio, or select one of the websites below for more information about that particular website.

View our Entire Website Design Portfolio

A little about Clarke Website Design

CLARKE DESIGN focuses on the quality of your website design and not the quantity of our client base. By providing a personal service in website design and associated website hosting you get the best Internet presence for your online business.

We've been designing websites for over 14 years and we know a thing or two about what we do. We just want to make the Internet a better place, one website at a time, and we hope that you'll give us that chance with your business website.

Your business website is such a vital asset that you need it to be right, to be optimised so that your customers can find what they want swiftly, that you get the right message across, and that your website performs in your very competitive marketplace.


Why Choose Clarke Website Design?

Clarke Design understand that you have a choice with whom to work with to create, design and maintain your business website.

We understand that if you are thinking of providing a website that you've probably spent considerable time and effort checking out various web design companies.

WARNING · All website designers are NOT the same

Clarke Design ONLY build websites! We are experts at website design and don't do lots of other things that we're not too good at. We know what we do well and stick to it. We are NOT a design 'jack of all trades' · we are a master of one · Websites

7 Costly and Potentially Dangerous Mistakes People make when Choosing a Website Designer Find out more

Choose YOUR Website Designer Wisely

  • So how do you choose the right website designer for YOUR business?
  • What criteria should you use in making this very important decision?
  • WARNING The wrong decision WILL cost you dearly!


Try a new website design experience with Clarke Design

Great Website Design

We'll work hard with you to help you to create a website that your visitors and customers will love and come back to you time and time again.

Great looking design, intuitive navigation and engaging photography and content.

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Make Your Website Do Something

Giving your website an interactive feature, helps your visitors engage with your website. eCommerce, booking systems, quote systems, order management are all examples of this.

What can we add to your website?

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Maintain / Develop / Enhance

We'll work hard with you to help you maintain and develop your website over the coming years.

We can perform regular maintenance for you, ensure your website is safely backed up, always up-to-date and secure.

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A few words from some our of clients

  • From start to finish - a very good job done in only four weeks.

    From our first meeting to discuss the scope and objectives of our project, Clarke Design have equipped themselves in a professional and business-like manner with attention to detail and an extremely fast response to all issues which have arisen during the development of the site.

    The finished product we believe fulfills our desire to show our apartment in an attractive setting and with the site constructed for ease of navigation to meet prospective clients needs in a direct and informative way.


    Tony Wrighton

    Tony WrightonSki Vaujany

  • Clarke Website Design have helped my business enormously

    I have found that Clarke Website Design have proved extremely helpful in providing expert assistance and knowledge to help me set up my new website. As a marketing consultant it is of particular importance to have a website that reflects the ethos of my business to my target market.

    Clarke Website Design have helped enormously in providing my business with an effective, consistent and pragmatic website which is consistent with the values that my business represents.


    Ivan Spottiswoode

    Ivan SpottiswoodePrism Vet Marketing

  • Throughout the process staff have been extremely responsive and accommodating

    Time was of the essence with our project and Clarke Website Design have delivered at every juncture.

    Initially they provided a superfast turnaround for the website's set up. They followed that up with expertise on survey monkey to ensure that our questionnaire worked smoothly and was readily accessible by all, whilst guaranteeing the final results were available within the tight timescales our project demanded.

    Throughout the process staff have been extremely responsive and accommodating, providing a high standard of professional service.


    Councillor Carolyn Lowe

    Councillor Carolyn LoweSandbach Neighbourhood Plan

  • Great attention to detail

    We would like to thank you for your patience in the design of our website. Showing great attention to detail and all work completed to a very high standard.

    The finished design and literature was just what we were looking for and looks great

    Again a big thank you and we would certainly highly recommend your services to our friends, family and client base.


    Andrew Webster

    Andrew WebsterAdvantage Garden Services and Pest Control

  • We've taken over £12,000 in vehicle on line reservations

    The car and van rental industry, like most business in very competative so having an attractive, easy to use on line booking facility is extreemly important. Go Green Car & Van Rental have 37 locations throughout England and Scotland and we want to attract national and international customers to our web site. In the first 3 months of the web site going live we have taken over £12,000 in vehicle on line reservations. This has significantly exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to developing more business from our web site in the future.

    I can safely say that working with Sean Clarke has been a pleasure. He has often overcome complex data handling issues by adopting a very simple and logical approach. The appearance of the web site is exactly what we wanted and Sean immediately understood our requirements. If I had need for another web site I would look no further than Clarke web Design.


    David Bramhill

    David BramhillGo Green Car and Van Rental

  • the results have exceeded my expectations...

    Yet again I have had the pleasure of working with Clarke Design to create www.sunbedhire.co.uk This is now the second website they have produced, and for me the results have exceeded my expectations. For me it was important to be found on the search engines, for the relevent key words, and I expected this to take maybe three to six months. Already, it is achieving top positions on the major search engines. As a result the site is earning me money sooner than I had expected.

    Perhaps the best testimonial I can give to Clarke Design who created this site, is their amazing patience. I know I have nagged, moaned, and asked them to change content or pictures, however this has always been done promptly without any fuss.

    With Clarke design now based in Cheshire, I was initially concerned as they had previously been local to me, however, this has caused me no difficulty at all. I anticipate Clarke Design will soon update an old site of mine, and also start work on another directory very soon which I have planned. I have no reservation in recommending Clarke Design and have done so already to some who have taken me up on that. Well done.


    Adrian Ford

    Adrian FordSunbed Hire Directory

  • Extremely helpful, easy to deal with

    We at Bespoke Lettings Ltd would like to thank Sean Clarke for all the help and advice that has been given to us over the past 12 months with the design and management of the new website.

    Sean has been extremely helpful, easy to deal with and his calm professionalism is first rate.

    We have no hesitation in recommending Clarke Website Design to anyone looking for a website designer.


    Penny Bayley

    Penny BayleyBespoke Lettings

  • From the proposal stage to the point of going live it was a pleasure to work with Clarke Design

    Clarke Design were appointed to construct our new tyre companies web site called SaveOnTyres.com. The construction of the web site had to cater for the on line selling of over 3000 individual tyre brand and size combinations.

    Sean of Clarke Design quickly understood the concept of what we were trying to achieve with our new web site and put together a proposal and a quotation on what this would mean to SaveOnTyres. The quotation was comprehensive and very competitive

    I can say that from the proposal stage to the point of going live it was a pleasure to work with Sean. He was able to very quickly provide solutions to the problem of dealing with so many item numbers and how the site could be frequently updated in an easy way. He responded immediately to any requests I had during the construction of the web site and was really helpful in suggesting ways of presenting our web site.

    The launch went smoothly and thanks to Clarke Design we are now very successful in selling tyres on the web.

    I would recommend any company to use the services of Clarke Design without reservation.


    David Bramhill

    David BramhillSave on Tyres

  • Very professional and easy to work with

    I would recommend Clarke Design to anybody looking for a website design.

    Very professional and easy to work with.


    Andy Jackson

    Andy JacksonA S Jackson Joinery

  • Feedback from clients has been excellent

    We approached Clarke Design following a complete failure and website loss by our original hosting provider, so the need was VERY urgent.

    Within a few days, Clarke Design has put up suitable holding pages and initiated a meeting to identify our requirements and design ideas. Over the following few weeks, the website was constructed with excellent interaction between Sean and ourselves to align content, images and structure in line with our original plan.

    We took the opportunity to run a re-branding exercise at the same and Clarke Design worked together with the marketing consultants to integrate both elements. The final result was live within a few weeks and feedback from clients has been excellent.


    Jon Wright

    Jon WrightRussell and Partners Ltd