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Clarke Design are Website Design Experts

Clarke Design ONLY design and engineer websites! · We are experts at website design and website engineering and don't do lots of other things that we're not too good at. We know what we do well and stick to it. We are NOT a design 'jack of all trades' · we are a master of one !

Other Companies

Many other companies say that they can create you a business website, but can they? Do they create the website themselves or do they merely project manage the design, whilst someone else does the work and they charge you a commission?

Be careful of these companies! They are just introducing an unnecessary barrier between you and the website design company and usually want to take their cut of your total bill. Clarke Design do not use middlemen when designing your website. We design, build, engineer and maintain the entire site ourselves.

WARNING · All website designers are NOT the same

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Design vs Website Design

Have they decided to say that they design websites, just because they design other things. Designing for print and for the internet are totally different and just because a company can create an outstanding printed brochure does not mean that they can design and then engineer a professional website design. Choose the right expert for the job.

What we do
What we don't
  • Corporate ID and branding
  • PC's / Computers / Servers
  • Networks and networking
  • Printed material
  • Brochure / Leaflets / Business cards
  • Marketing and promotion
  • Photography
  • Specialist graphic design

We specialise in website design
and are experts at it

Can a plumber fix your lights?

You wouldn't ask your plumber to fix your light switches just because he has a screwdriver. You would call in an expert and should always use the right expert for each job.

Use your design agency for your printed material and use Clarke Design for your website design.

Happy to recommend

Whilst we only specialise in website design, we have many affiliates who provide other services that go hand in hand with our skills.

We are happy to recommend; video editors, commercial printers, designers, CD and DVD authors, photographers, sound and vision experts, copywriters, animators, cartoonists, marketing people...