Using Webmail to view your Clarke Design Email

Webmail allows you to see the emails that are residing on our email servers (in the cloud) for your email address.

It should only be used as an interim solution, in case you are away from your normal computer or have some other issue that prevents you from using your usual email software.

Email Software

You MUST use some kind of email software to manage your emails. Clarke Design do not mind which software you use, and can provide you with a general guide for the more popular software programs.

Email software allows you to do so much more with email than webmail. You can have multiple email accounts, link to contacts, have email signatures, rules for SPAM and so much more.

Sadly what Clarke Design cannot do, is know how to configure your email account with every permutation of email software, operating system version and quirks of your broadband provider and wifi setup.

There are just far too many permutations for us to know everything. Remember we are website designer and website hosts and not computer specialists. We can usually guide you initially, however you may need to employ a computer specialist to fine tune our email settings for your own personal setup.

Accessing Webmail

Your can access your email account online by going to

We have some other temporary website addresses too which we sometimes prefer you to use for security. We will tell you these addresses if we need to.

Different Types of Email

Webmail just shows you the emails that reside on our servers for your specific email address.

  • Only IMAP email account will show you all of your emails.
  • POP3 accounts will show you up to the last 30 days emails (depending on your settings)


If you have a pop3 email system, emails only really live in one place at a time. So if you download your emails onto your mobile phone, then they may not be available to be read on your computer (and vice versa). Once emails have been downloaded onto a device (smartphone, tablet or computer) then they may be available on your webmail (dependant upon various settings)

Emails you send from your smartphone, tablet and computer will NOT appear in the sent items folder on webmail.


IMAP email accounts store your emails on our servers, and a synchronised copy of your mailbox is distributed to your connected devices. So everything stays in sync.

You should still use computer software to download all of your emails so that you can back them up.

Also as mentioned above, email software will give you a whole host of additional benefits.

IMAP email does come with some storage limitations (though you can buy more storage if you need to), so make sure that you keep your inbox neat and tidy, especially large file attachments.

Backup your Email

It is your responsibility to backup, manage and look after your emails.

Clarke Design does not backup emails as a matter of course nor as part of your email / hosting contract with us.

Whilst IMAP and Exchange email accounts keep a copy of your emails on our servers, we highly encourage you never to rely on this. Your emails, like any other company data MUST be a part of your backup strategy.

Email Software

We cannot really recommend any email software program over another. This all depends on your budget, personal tastes and requirements.

Microsoft Outlook is probably the most widely used and supported email program, and usually comes as part of a Windows setup or with Office 365.

Other email software such as Mozilla Thunderbird and eM Client are free, but you do get what you pay for.

In Summary

Whatever you choose, choose the right email software for you and your business. Install and use email software and just use webmail for those occasions where you can get to your email in the normal way.