Websites for Sole Traders

Sole Trading...

If you are a sole trader, ‘trading as’ or the sole director of a limited company, you may think that you are too small to benefit from a business website design.

Do you believe that a website design will cost too much for your budget and that only larger companies can afford to be on the Internet. If so then you need to talk to Clarke Design.

Why do I need a Website Design?

Your client base and the public will expect your business to have a website. One that, as a minimum, provides basic information about your business and a means of getting in contact. A website has become nearly as essential as a telephone or printed brochure and in some cases is replacing printed material.

A website may help your business increase profits. Increasingly, people search the Web rather than a telephone directory when looking for a service or product. If they don't find your business represented they will find your competitors.

Website Design Budget

A limited budget does not mean a limited website design. By carefully adapting your website ideas and the design process we will achieve a stunning website design which looks and feels a great deal more than it costs. Your website design may only cost you hundreds of pounds not thousands. Your website design can grow along with your business at a pace that suits you and your pocket.

  • You MUST Have a Business Website

    You know that a website will do your business the world of good; But only if it's a good website.

    Don't try to ‘Do It Yourself’. You are not a website designer and you should be doing your job and getting an expert to build your website for you instead.

  • Limited or Small Budget

    Even if your website design budget is small, we can still help you get an online presence. Although it might not be the biggest website in the world, it will show your business to your online visitors and allow your customers to read more about you.

    We'll make sure that your website can grow with you as your business grows and we're here for you every step of the way.

  • Help and Advice

    We want to help you make the right decisions with your website. We'd love to hear from you to discuss your website options.

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