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The Veggie Eye

Vegetarian and vegan consumer focused online magazine

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12 April 2016
Leisure, Responsive, WordPress

The Veggie Eye is a vegetarian/vegan consumer focused online magazine with one major difference, whilst we will be writing articles and updating you with all the latest information, we also want YOU to submit your own articles for publishing in our "Scribbles" section, our ethos is simple, we want to provide an ever growing online resource covering the latest news, products, information, recipes and anything else relevant to vegetarians and vegans alike, written for veggies; by veggies, your articles can be about absolutely anything you feel is relevant and please include pictures, the more content the better, all we ask is that you do not swear, discriminate or bully against any users; remember we are all unique, we all have our own personalities/views so please be respectful to each other.

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The Website Design

A news blog style website to allow Veggie Eye to post articles and news about the vegetarian/vegan marketplace.